I'll sleep when I'm Dead...

I'll sleep when I'm dead... my credo... my motto... my downfall

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Diet Starts Today

I don't believe in fate and I don't believe in God. Life is a series of choices. We have to take responsibility for our own actions and decisions. For every choice we make, there are consequences and long reaching effects. In essence, my only belief lies in "Chaos Theory".

That said, I'm now blaming my being fat… on "Chaos Theory".

Life is a series of choices. I have been choosing not to diet. I have been choosing not to run. I have been choosing not to lift weights. This "chaotic behavior", starting with small differences in my initial routine, has ultimately led to long-term and widespread consequences… a gut I can't get rid of and eating habits that would kill a fourteen year old boy.

It's a cycle of events that spiral out of control with the accuracy and determination of the 17-year Cicadas. It begins with a look in the mirror which leads to depression, realization, motivation, success, reward, relaxation, apathy, failure then another look in the mirror… the cycle starts right up again.

Life is a series of choices.

Life is a choice.

I just looked in the mirror and now I'm choosing to make better choices. The diet begins this morning. The lifting resumes today. The running starts now.

Where are my running shoes? It kinda looks like rain…

The diet starts tomorrow. Today I want hot wings.

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