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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Basketball is NOT a sport

I hate basketball. In fact, with the sole exception of soccer, I hate team sports in general. But (and that's a big BUT), my disgust for basketball far surpasses all other US based popular team sports combined. Baseball is the most boring, unintelligent sport there is. No wonder it's America's pastime. Football (not to be confused with soccer in the US) is a pathetic waste of time. Football is ilke driving in rush hour traffic. Hurry and then wait. Hurry and then wait. The clock stops every few minutes. Everyone on the field is so pumped full of steroids and hyped up on endorsements and their contracts that the game is considered secondary to the theatrics. Oh and they are so caked with padding and protective gear that they could go into Iraq in search of WMDs right after the game.

I hate basketball. Basketball is a team sport that is so biased toward genetics that it shouldn't even be a sport, it should be a circus act. At the height of the hoop, only athletes with a vertical jump, no weight and freakish height are able to play at a professional level. Of course there are a few exceptions to this rule, but they're even more freakish in my opinion. The point is, most athletes can bulk up in a gym or take enough supplements to be able to play football. Anyone can play baseball and even break records with a little help (McGwire…), but to be able to compete at a professional level in basketball you'd have to have your bones stretched or government genetic experimentation a'la the Halo Spartan program.

The next time you find yourself catching a game at the bar in T.G.I.Friday's, think about this… is it a game or a freak show?

I'll stick with soccer thank you very much.

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