I'll sleep when I'm Dead...

I'll sleep when I'm dead... my credo... my motto... my downfall

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remembering "Evil Dead"

I watched "Evil Dead" again the other night. I just happened to come across the DVD while moving offices. I thought I remembered the film, but I think the overall luster of the movie had worn off after the last 15 or 20 years since I'd last seen it.

A quintessential element in horror cinema (as is it's "sequel" Evil Dead II). Established both Bruce Campbell and Sam Riami as cult icons in the realm of 80's horror. Yes, the special effects are a bit cheesy, but considering the budget and the date, they are surprisingly well done. The story was fresh. The humor was off key and right on target for Bruce Campbell (who is "Ash" every single day of his life). The acting far exceeds expectations considering the film was funded by local investors (ie Dentists, and Lawyers) as well does the directing and cinematography. The sound is somewhat sub-par, but only because of the budget and date of production. The 5.1 Digital DVD release is a bump in the right direction, but the overall sound is still dated. But, this just adds to the overall charm of this vintage horror gem. If you have only seen Evil Dead II, don't miss the original. If you haven't seen either, rent them both tonight.