I'll sleep when I'm Dead...

I'll sleep when I'm dead... my credo... my motto... my downfall

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where did Angie go?

The few people that I talk to outside of twitter know that on May 30th, I left the US for the summer traveling abroad. My tweeting has been spotty at best. I'd attempted to setup a few guest tweeters but both fell through. I've tried my best to stay up on twitter and the blog but real life has shoved it's foot in the door.

I left the US as I do every summer for a retreat from reality. This year, however, I had ulterior motives. Real Life was getting a little too much to take on a daily basis. It was time to pull up stakes and make some huge changes. I'd been in a rut for more than a decade, unable to move past a few simple truths.

Life has been good. Work has been great. I'm a lucky girl. I have friends that care about me and family that looks out for my best interests. I'm blessed in those regards, but I was still not happy.

I was tired of being single. I have a bad habit of wanting what everyone else has. This doesn't work out so well for the single girl. Especially when those you pine over are worth the pining over in the first place then, in second place, are never going to be the type of person to forget that they are the worth the pining over type person and be the shitty person I want them to be for just a second and break someone else's heart just to be the worth pining over person I know they are, for me. Yeah, time to rethink things. And breathe.

I picked up stakes, sold my house, and quit my day job to take a traveling sales position that is based in Helsinki but works out of Kowloon. I was going to continue to work with GetOffended.com but I've decided things will be better for me if I just avoid social media all together for a while. For other reasons all together.

The girl I played on twitter was not me. Sorta. She was a character I thought was interesting. I'm not the sexually flirtatious, over the top, alcoholic I portrayed. BUT, I was slowly turning into her. When your virtual life starts to dictate your real life antics, things need to change.

Change I did. As of now, I'm effectively stepping away from everything I've known and opening a new door. To all the friends I've made in real life and online, thank you for always being there. To the few people I've had the joy of meeting in real life in Chicago and Orlando, I had more fun than you'll ever know. To the few people who I let into my inner sanctum via Skype, I'm sorry my living room was always full of laundry baskets and dogs. ;) And to the few people I'm leaving behind in real life, I love you all. I'd have never made it this far without you. I mean that. You're the reason I'm as strong as I am and the reason I've finally decided to step up and put myself first. I love you now and I always will.

What does this all mean?

It means that @getoffendedcom is an open account. I'm not tweeting from it anymore. I'm only going to log in when I'm done with this letter and direct you to the blog to read it. Right now it's 4:40pm here so I'm about to go out for my last night in town before picking up and getting on another plane again tomorrow. Since the account is in the name of GetOffended.com which I've been a part of for more than a decade, I'm giving it back in hopes that they'll use it for the company or find someone else to take it over rather than just shutting it down. I'm not the twittercide type.

Don't be sad for me. I'm moving upward and onward. I may be back in time. I just need the space to make the hard choices.

I want to take this last second to thank a few people who I can't bring myself to do so face to face. You can stop reading here, this may get a little girly.

Thanks Dad, sorry I missed Father's Day. Life wouldn't be what it is without you.
Thanks Mom, sorry I missed Father's Day. Take care of Dad. (j/k, love you too)
Thanks Sis, I know we don't get along, but you're a big influence and someone I've always looked up to.
Thanks Craig for being the best boss a girl could ever have. Letting me take time away from work for play, soccer, GetOffended, traveling, alcoholic binging in Florida and traveling for the summer. WIthout you, I'd have been stuck in insurance for decades.
Thanks Annie for being my rock. And by rock, I mean the rock holding my extra bed to the ground for years. I love you more than you'll ever know and I miss you already.
Thanks Kristin for always forcing me to see on the bright side of life. Your smile I'll miss most.
Thanks Mike for being my knight in shining armor on many occasions.
Thanks Travis for taking me under your wing and helping me get to where I am. Thanks for being there when I needed you and not leaving me alone when I wanted you to. You're the friend every girl needs but hates having. You were always the one who wanted me to think for myself and put me first, I'm finally doing it. ;D
Thanks to all my closest online friends for being my go-to happy people. The love I've received through twitter over the last year has been overwhelming to say the least. It's what has given me the strength and determination to put one foot in front of the other and make the hard choices.
Thanks to GetOffended.com for giving me a voice and putting money in my pocket when I needed it most. I hate leaving, this has been the best family of friends since I can't remember when. I'll always be available to you and if you ever need anything, please let me know.

And with that, I'm out. Be nice to my people. Buy some shirts from GetOffended.com and be good to whoever takes over my account. Don't forget, I may still write in the blog here from time to time and check out Bone's Tumbler too.

And with that, the alcohol beckons.

Love always,


  1. I'm going to miss you girl. You made my twitter complete. I just like to say I remember the first time I saw your nipple. It was the first time you spoke to me and we were like drunken school girls together. That really brought me out of my shell. Thank you for being awesome and inspiring and having boobs. You have made me laugh so many times I can't remember, I guess that Is why there is favstar. And thank you for all the stars and retweets. Sometime lady we should cross paths in real life, there is no doubt to the amount of trouble we could stir up. Peace gurl, kisses and kind regards Althea

    Have a great time foxy lady!

  2. Good luck Ang, you will be missed!

  3. @getoffendedcom -Your honesty is staggeringly refreshing for the muddled fallacies and facades of twitter and the hordes of "characters" people create to be liked, loved, noticed, or set upon a pedestal of pseudo celebrityism. We loved getting your letters, I loved this last and final one the most. It is a testament to the determination of the human spirit and will to grow and be more than the box we are all contained in. You have overcome something most never will... Taking real chances, real risks, and having the strength to say goodbye, when you could have just walked away. With the cat finally out of the bag, the truth revealed, your slate is clean to move forward. And you owed us none of that... But you did it anyway. Integrity. Puttting you miles ahead of most of the human race. Make no mistake "Angie of GetOffendedCom" was fun to read, laugh at/with, fantasize about, and poke fun at, etc... But I really liked the couple of moments I was allowed to (via your letters) get to know the "Real" Angie. It was clear from the 2 I read that you were a much deeper and thought provoking person than your twitter persona allowed for. Brilliant. Just brilliant. I hope you will continue to on occasion, send me and the guys letters to keep us informed of your adventures (good or bad), and maybe send us fodder for the podcast. Skype works all over the world so call us sometime! Until whenever the wind blows you back... Safe travels and excellent adventures - Sincerely, TK1 and the guys at TLPS.

  4. Best of Luck, Angie! You as @getoffendedcom will be missed and thought of fondly by many. You really did help to make us laugh and strive to be funnier. I am sure that it is your true friends and family who will miss you most of all. You deserve only the best in life and it look like you're on your way to achieving your goals!


  5. Is it wrong to be so sad over the loss of someone whom I've never met and was, in fact, mostly fictitious? I enjoyed the character created in my twitter-mind, she cracked me up and I honestly looked forward to slogging thru my TL in hopes of finding your sexy, salacious, flirtatious, drunken,hysterical tweets.
    I wish you well in your adventures, always. Thank you for making me laugh many times, and for the other fantasies you encouraged. Good luck, good health, good karma, and peace to you.

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