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Friday, July 29, 2011

Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Crazy?

Yes folks, that's me as an expectant mother. I almost look sweet don't I? Don't let the smile and the Summer dress fool you. I was a ball of emotions. Pregnancy isn't the same for every woman and one of my followers suggested this as a blog so I decided it would be fun to share the crazy things I did during pregnancy.

When I found out I was pregnant I was severely surprised because of my past I didn't think I'd ever be able to have a child. I was happy, nonetheless. A few weeks after I found out I was pregnant I started getting sick all the time. I couldn't even look at a piece of meat without vomiting on the floor. The worst food experience I can recall was eating dinner with my son's father and his family at a steak house. No one but he and I knew I was pregnant so I had to try and keep my vomiting to a minimum. I was doing good, with my little salad and buttered bread, until they brought dinner out. The smell alone was killing and watching all of the fat, starving people tear into their meat like animals hit a nerve. I looked at my son's father and he knew what was going to happen. As soon as I stood, I turned my head and lost what little of my lunch I had eaten. They all looked at me as if I were insane and we had to spill the vomit, so to speak, and admit that I was pregnant. They congratulated us and continued eating as I walked outside and sat in the car.

I was in college when I found out I was pregnant and I happened to be working on a paper about Paganism. Because I knew so much about the religion already I had sat down and begun banging away at the keyboard. It was storming outside and being the scatterbrain that I am, I hadn't yet saved any of my work. Much to my dismay, the power shut of thus erasing every last bit of work I had done. I sat there staring at the computer in disbelief, scolding myself for not saving any of my work. Then as it hit me that I'd have to start all over I began sobbing into my hands. Not merely sobbing but screaming at the same time. I walked through the entire house, screaming, cursing, crying and stomping my feet. I flailed my arms as if I were signaling to the Gods that I would kill them all shall I ever find them. In between sobbing I'd grab a Little Debbie and furiously eat it while screaming. It took nearly 30 minutes for my son's father to calm me down. I went back to my computer, still slightly sobbing and started all over again. I got an "A" on that paper so it wasn't all bad.

In the months leading up to my son's birth I became increasingly emotional and anything would set me off. I once cursed out a woman in the grocery store for taking the cucumber I wanted. I sobbed at her and shook my fist until she relinquished that damn cucumber. I saw it first and I wanted it. In my mind, it already belonged to me.

Sitting on the couch one evening a Huggies commercial came on. I can't recall the content but there was a mother holding her newborn baby and I started to violently sob. My son's father looked at me and asked if I were okay. I cried at him "I'm just fucking fine. Why do you ask so many fucking questions?" He said "If you're okay, why are you crying for no reason." I paused for a moment and began thinking again of the commercial and I screamed "Because that stupid baby on that fucking commercial was so cute and I wanna hold it. Whats wrong with you? How could you not noticed how cute the fucking baby was?" and I stormed off to my bedroom where I grabbed the box of Little Debbie's hidden in my sock drawer and ate until fell asleep.

My son's father bought me a Playstation 3 when he realized how bored I was being at home. I was grateful because being a gamer, I could sit there for hours with my Little Debbie's, pickles, Doritos and 64 ounce mug of ice water and play video games all day. My fiend Ben came over one day and he brought over some fighting game. I usually play RPG's but I figured I'd give it shot since I loved playing Street Fighter back in the day. A few rounds in I noticed that Ben was doing the same moves over and over and it was really beginning to piss me off. As the little man on the game announced that Ben had won I sat forward and I screamed "That is such bullshit! You only won because you had me in the fucking corner kicking me repeatedly. Admit you stupid fuck. Admit that you suck at this game and the only way to beat was to do a repeat fucking move." He stared at me in disbelief for a second and he said "I think this pregnancy has really gone to your head." Without hesitation I threw the controller right at his head and hit him square in the face. I made him leave for being a dick and I refused to give him the game back. We're still friends to this day and we laugh about that incident whenever we're together.

I was also known to eat in the middle of the night. My son's father once found me sitting Indian style in the middle of the kitchen, no lights, no TV on. Just me, in the dark eating a piece of chocolate cake. He asked me what I was doing and I pulled the fridge open and I yelled "I'm eating a piece of fucking cake, genius. What does it look like I'm doing, giving birth?" At that point he knew it was best to leave me to my prey.

The birth went fine except for me cursing out a few of the nurses for not letting me eat. I wish I had more crazy things to tell you but for the most part it was just me crying and cursing at people. Those are the ones that stick out in my mind. I almost missed being pregnant because it gave me an excuse to curse at people, flip them off and throw things at them without them being able to retaliate. My next pregnancy is going to be awesome.

The fucking irony of it all was that during the first draft of this blog my fucking power went out and I lost everything I had been working on. Luckily, I laughed.


  1. GREAT post, very funny. My son is 11 months now and I remember very similar things happening when my wife was pregnant.

  2. I was such an emotional cunt and I'd say the meanest things but looking back on it, it's hilarious!