I'll sleep when I'm Dead...

I'll sleep when I'm dead... my credo... my motto... my downfall

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My friend Nate

I have a friend who suffers from Cerebral palsy. He's had a rough way to go his whole life because of it. He's my age, in a wheelchair and barely functional on his own. Barely functional yet he has one of the strongest wills and maybe the bravest man I know. He requires round the clock care because of his seizures and physical disabilities that go along with the Cerebral palsy, but that doesn't bring him down at all. He actually eats up the attention.

The point is, he's a helluva dude. He's also one of the funniest individuals I know. If he had the ability to tweet, his stuff would be biblical. Because he isn't physically able to, I'm taking this opportunity to post some of his best one-liners:

Note: he's in a wheelchair, he has seizures, his speech is really hard to understand, and his favorite t-shirt says "That's How I Roll" with a handicap symbol on it... There's the visual. Enjoy

"If you like to eat vegetables, make sure you lock their wheelchairs first."

"I'm about to have a seizure… quick! Get on."

"Once you go gimp, you'll walk with a limp"

"The best thing about having Cer
ebral palsy is all the sympathy pussy I'll get real soon, someday"

"First time I got fucked, it was by the genetic lottery"

"I'm only doing this for the attention"

"Somebody peed in my gene pool"

It takes a truly amazing soul to find humor and joy in the most horrible situation like he does every day. Thank you Nate for being an inspiration to me.