I'll sleep when I'm Dead...

I'll sleep when I'm dead... my credo... my motto... my downfall

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vibrators Valtrex and Infections Oh MY!

As promised, one of my favorite twitter conversations of late. Follow @WhoreNextDoor45 if you aren't already too. Do it! NOW! Then read on.

@WhoreNextDoor45 - C Batteries…… A woman's best friend when it's time to get her buzz on.

@getoffendedcom - C Batteries? I thought you were a kick-start Diesel kinda girl... like me.

@WhoreNextDoor45 - I'm trying to go green these days. I've also switched to those new biodegradable condoms.

@getoffendedcom - Green? Is it infected? Oh my gosh, DM that to me next time instead of tweeting it. :)

@WhoreNextDoor45 - The Valtrex they prescribed me should have it cleared up in about a week or so. I caught something when I came home to Ohio.

@getoffendedcom - I love Valtrex! If you crush it up & stick it up your ass the hallucinations are biblical. I think it was Valtrex...

@WhoreNextDoor45 - I need to try that. I recommend you try snorting some crushed Stool Softener, it made me see the Virgin Mary in a White Castle once

@getoffendedcom - I normally delete my @ reply conversations, but this one's a keeper. I love you & your water slide vagina!

@WhoreNextDoor45 - Those catching @getoffendedcom and my conversation, White Castle is a burger joint that gives you the screaming shits for a month after one burger

Thanks Dixie Swallows for clearing that up - I need a bath now.

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